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Log "Perseids 2003"

Log "Quadrantids 2005"


"Perseids 2003"

Field day 2003

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My projects:

2m/70cm GaAs LNA (sorry,only in Russian)

2m/70cm GS31B PA




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Contact with me:


GSM: +7(926)738-7066

Hello! I`m Alexandr Skouridin. I`m 68 y. o.

    My first steps at HAM RADIO were in 1963 year, then I was a member of UA3KDL, school club station. At that time I got SWL CALL: UA327236. My first callsign was UA3BAA in 1965 (only 10 meters band). My first RIG was the oldest Russian one in the times WWII - FM tranceiver A7A.
Two years later I hold of UV3BW (3.5 and 7 MHz only CW), and between 1972 to 1987 UA3ACZ (all bands and all modes). Since 1987 my callsign has been RW3AZ (1-st class license). My personal VHF activity started in the July of 1986 (thanks to Vladimir Banishevsky - RV3HD, ex: UV3HD) in Russian VHF Field Day. My first VHF RIG on 144 MHz was transverter by UW3FL (Sergei Zhutyaev, now RW3BP. In September 1987 , I built a my new antenna system ( 2 times F9FT- 21 el. for 70 cm and YU0B for 2 m ) and 2m/70 cm CW/SSB a dual conversion transceiver wiht first IF 30-32 MHz, second IF 10.7 MHz. Since that time I`ve worked hundreds QSO`s on 144 and 432 MHz.

I have been QRV from various locations:

1990 - RW3AZ/ UO, 03 july 1990 - first QSO between Turkey and Moldavia.

1991, 1992- UA1W/RW3AZ, MS expeditions to KO55OO.

1993 - RW3AZ/A, KO96, summer QTH.

2002 - RW3AZ/1 KO55JR. VHF Field Day 2002, 8-th place (MOMB) in the championship of Russia.

2003 - RW3AZ/3, KO66QU, VHF Field Day 2003, 9-th place (SOMB) in the championship of Russia.

2003 - RW3AZ/, MS expedition to KO57AV, Perseids 2003.

2004 - RW3AZ/3 - KO66QU,  VHF  Field Day , 9-th place (SOMB) in the championship  of Russia.

2005 - member of UA6JR/3 team, MS expedition to KO66QU, Quadrantids 2005.

2005 - RW3AZ/3, KO66QU, VHF Field Day 2005, 6-th place (SOSB) in the championship of Russia.

2006-2007, I have been active on SW from Guinea, west Africa with callsign 3XD2Z.

2007 - member of RX3AA/3 team, MS expedition to KO65SE, "Perseids 2007"

2008 - member of RW3WR team, VHF Field Day. First place (MOMB) in the championship of Russia.





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